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HTML Tag Tutorial

HTML Applet Tag

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The example of applet tag in HTML

<applet code="applet.class" width="300" height="300">
Java applet code for display


The HTML applet tag is used to include java applet code in webpage. Java applet is in a java language code and it is in a class extension file. This class file is executed by JVM (java virtual machine).

This java file is embedded in HTML code. Applet tag can be used by param tag to define value and name. Applet tag is used with code (Class file name), width and height of the applet size.

Applet tag is supported by most of browser with plugin of JRE, JVM. Other browser needs installation setting and configuration of java in browser.

Applet tag is deprecated by HTML 4.01 DTD version and not supported by XHTML 1.0 Strict DTD.

Common Attribute of Applet Tag

Attribute Value Explaination
id ID unique id document for element
class classname list of CSS classes
style StyleSheet associated style information of style tags
title Text information about an element shown on mouse over cursor

Attribute supports by Applet tag

Attribute Value Explaination
codebase URL base URL for applet
archive URL comma-separated archive list with location
code URL file name of a Java applet
object classname serialized applet file
alt Text short description
name name allows applets to find each other, name of applet tag
width number initial width of applet
height number initial height of applet
align left
vertical or horizontal alignment
hspace Pixels horizontal spacing around an applet
vspace Pixels vertical spacing around an applet

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