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HTML Tag Tutorial

HTML Comments <!-- --> Tag

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Example of HTML Comment

<!-- This is HTML comment inside comment tag of HTML -->
<p>This is another HTML tags</p>
<title> </title>

This is comment tag in HTML. Comment tag is used in HTML source code to describe some notes given a programmer. This note and comment code does not display on browser. User in front of web browser cannot see this code with in comment tag. Browser hides all code within the comment tag of HTML code. Comment tag only used by programmer.

Programmer uses this comment tag for reminder code which s/he can read in future to understand comments given in source code. User and other programmer use this as description code for future to remember the purpose of the source code.

Most of time comments is read by other programmer to understand previous done by another programmer. It makes easier to understand other programmer to read source code.

This is HTML comment is defined by HTML version 4.01

Above example and demo will explain you about use of this comment tag.

Comment tag in HTML don't have any attribute

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