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HTML Tag Tutorial

HTML basefont Tag

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The example of basefont tag in HTML

<basefont color="#0099FF" face="Verdana" size="3" />
<title>basefont tag in HTML</title>

This is basefont tag


The HTML basefont tag is used to define default font color, font family and font size for whole webpage document.

This basefont helps to define once in a top and whole body use default font setting in webpage.

The basefont tag is deprecated by HTML 4.01 DTD version and XHTML 1.0 Strict DTD.

Basefont tag is supported by only Internet Explorer web browser.

It does not support by firefox, opera and other web browsers.

Font tag's all attribute is supported by basefont tag.

Common Attribute of basefont Tag

Attribute Value Explaination
id ID unique id document for element
class classname list of CSS classes
style StyleSheet associated style information of style tags
title Text information about an element shown on mouse over cursor

Basefont tag attribute

Attribute Value Explaination
size Number base font size for FONT elements
color Color Define text color
face fontname comma-separated list of font names

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