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HTML Tag Tutorial

HTML bdo Tag

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The example of bdo tag in HTML

<bdo dir="rtl">This is written left to right but print right to left</bdo>

Working Example of bdo tag

This is written left to right but print right to left


The HTML bdo tag is used for defining text reverse order in paragraph of webpage. Bdo tag defines direction of text of paragraph. Normal text is written from left to right style, bdo tag convert text which written from left to right style to right to left style.

Some of international language use right to left style. This language can be urdu. Bdo tag helps in this kind of language (urdu) convert.

Bdo tag is supported by all web browsers. These web browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, opera or netscape.

bdo tag Attribute

Attribute Value Explaination
lang LanguageCode Language Code of the element
dir ltr
direction for weak/neutral text

Common Attribute of bdo Tag

Attribute Value Explaination
id ID unique id document for element
class classname list of CSS classes
style StyleSheet associated style information of style tags
title Text information about an element shown on mouse over cursor

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