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JDBC Driver

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JDBC API communicates with database through JDBC Driver. This JDBC Driver is interface java.sql.Driver. JDBC Driver is a communication layer to interact between database and java program. This takes query from java program and send to database for further processing. After finish processing, it forward back to original java program where request was generated as in ResultSet. Drivers are available from third party or database product vendors. These common vendors are MySql, Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, Db2 (IBM), and PostgreSQL etc. These Drivers are bundled with database product or available by Third Party Software Company.

MySql jdbc Driver can be downloaded from

Oracle JDBC driver can be downloaded from oracle site

Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver
Microsoft provides jdbc driver and this can be downloaded from

After downloading driver file (jar file), it should be copied into either tomcat/lib folder of tomcat or your application deployment descriptor YourApplicationFolder/WEB-INF/lib folder.




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