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JSP Introduction

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In this jsp tutorial we will learn about JSP with less time. This will guide you to write server side scripting. JSP is easiest and powerful scripting language because it is compiled by web container. JSP is used for making dynamic web pages to interaction with end user with the help of JSP form or html form.

What is JSP?

JSP is java server pages, which is dynamic web pages and used in to build dynamic websites. JSP provides developer to do less hard work with better work output. JSP works with http protocols; it provides tag and tools to make JSP pages. To run jsp, we need web server it can be tomcat provided by apache, it can be jRun, jBoss(Redhat), weblogic (BEA) , or websphere(IBM)

JSP Running platform

JSP can be run on any platform. Most of web server supports all platforms like linux, Microsoft windows, sun soloris, Macintosh, FreeBSD. JSP takes, advantage of java platform independent

What is a JSP File?

JSP is dynamic file which like as HTML file. Html file is static and can not get data from database or fly data. JSP can be interactive pages and communicate with database and more controllable by programmer. JSP is executed on web server with help of java compiler. JSP can contain text, images, hyperlinks and all can be in HTML page. It is saved by extension of .jsp.

ASP, JSP, HTML Difference

ASP active server pages is given by Microsoft technologies, it needs IIS (Internet Information Services) to run ASP. Mostly it is run on Windows operating systems. If need to run on others operating system rather than windows, needs extra tools.
JSP is almost same but provided by sun Microsystems. JSP is first compiled and then make SERVLET. All ASP, JSP take request from browser and process this request by server (web server) and response back to browser. When web server get request, it compile this code (JSP or ASP) and output from this code response back to particular request. HTML having static content and request doesn’t go to server for process. It process almost on clients side on client’s browser (Internet Explorer or firefox browser).

What can do with JSP?

JSP is used for dynamic programming, mean we can communicate with database, insert, update, select, alter, and delete records from database with JSP. Logic building with JSP, to print data, e.g., if we want to print good morning, good afternoon, good evening at particular slot of time, then we need to make a logic of time 12 am to 12 pm is good morning, 12pm after 4 pm is good after noon, and 4pm to 12 am is good evening. This can be done by if conditions to check current time and if time comes in any slot then print this message.
Interact with user, with the help of forms like enquiry form, or submitting user’s data to server. Provide session to individual users. Increase security and privacy of user. JSP code can not view at client or browser. Web server response browser with plain HTML page; send no JSP code, so user can not get code or see JSP code.  
JSP code can be put inside HTML code.  Both code work together, JSP code be embedded with scriptlet <% inside this jsp code %>


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