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Response object in JSP

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As we know the response, response is a process to responding against it request. Response Object in JSP is used to send information, or output from web server to the user. Response Object sends output in form of stream to the browser. This can be redirecting one file to another file, response object can set cookie, set ContentType, Buffer size of page, caching control by browser, CharSet, expiration time in cache.

Response object tells browser what output has to use or display on browser, and what stream of data contain PDF, html/text, Word, Excel.

Method Return Description
addCookie(Cookie cookie) void Add specified cookies to response object 
addDateHeader(String name,long date) void Adds response header with given name and date value
addHeader(String name,String value) void Adds response header with given name and value
encodeRedirectURL(String URL) String Encode specified URL for sendRedirect method
encodeURL(String URL) String Encode specified URL with session ID, if not unchanged URL return
flushBuffer() void Forces any content in buffer to be written in client
getBufferSize() int Returns actual buffer size used for response
getCharacterEncoding() String Returns character encoding for page in response MIME type charset=iso-8859-1
getContentType() String Returns MIME type used for body in response text/html;
getOutputStream() ServletOutputStream Returns ServletOutputStream binary data stream to written in response
getWriter() PrintWriter Returns a PrintWriter object that can send character text to client
isCommitted() boolean Returns a Boolean, if response has been commited
resetBuffer() void Clear content in buffer of response without clearing header and status
sendRedirect(String location) void Sends a redirect response to client with redirect specified URL location. Contain Relative path
setBufferSize(int size) void Set a preferred buffer size for the body of response
setCharacterEncoding(String charset) void Set a character encoding for send to client response body charset=iso-8859-1
setContentLength(int length) void Set a length of content body in response
setContentType(String contentType) void Set a content Type of response being sent to client, if response is yet not committed
setHeader(String name, String value) void Set a response header with given name and value

Example of ContentType in JSP response object


<%@ page language="java" %>
<title>Response object set Content type</title>

This is setting content type of JSP page

if documentation is in PDF format then setContentType as

<% response.setContentType("application/pdf"); %>

For Microsoft word document


For Microsoft excel document



<%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" language="java" %>

Example of control page into cache


<%@ page language="java" %>
/*--This is used for HTTP 1.1 --*/
 /*--This is used for HTTP 1.0 --*/
response.setDateHeader ("Expires", 0); 
/*---- This is used to prevents caching at the proxy server */
<title>Response object in cache controlling</title>

This is no cache, Can test this page by open this page on browser and
 then open any other website after press back button on browser,
 if cacheControl.jsp is reload, it means it is not cached

Example of  sendRedirect of Response Object


<%@ page  language="java" %>
///  response.sendRedirect("YouCanSpecifyYourPage.jsp");
<title>Response object Send redirect</title>

This page redirects to specified URL location





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