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JSP Setup and Installation

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JSP needs any web server; this can be tomcat by apache, WebLogic by bea, or WebSphere by IBM.
All jsp should be deployed inside web server. We will use Tomcat server to run JSP, this Tomcat server can run on any platform like windows or linux.
Install tomcat with this step

Installation of Tomcat on windows or Installation of Tomcat on linux.

Steps to Install tomcat web server on desktop

tomcat setup

After successful installation of tomcat and JSP we need IDE integrated development environment. These IDE provide software development facilities, help lots in programming.  This IDE can contain source code editor, debugger, compiler, automatic generation code tools, and GUI view mode tools which show output at a run-time.
We suggest using, dreamweaver from adobe, or eclipse with myEclipse plugin, NetBeans from sun. Or sun studio creator from sun. These IDEs help in Visual programming
All provides, developer license and evaluation version to trial. Free IDE provided by and .

File and folder structure of tomcat


We will use our own application context, so have to make our own folder in webapps folder with jsp name. All jsp file should be copy in this jsp folder.

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