The Main Advantages of Home Medical Testing

The Main Advantages of Home Medical Testing

Medical testing at home is nothing new. In 1976, the first home pregnancy test was made available. The “Early Pregnancy Test,” or EPT, was the first exam. Later on, it was dubbed the “Error Proof Test.” Not long after, the FDA authorized three more home pregnancy test kits. By the year 2000 and beyond, a wide variety of at-home medical testing is accessible. There might be an option for at-home testing if you are going to the doctor for a lab test.

Convenient accessibility

Not everybody is covered by health insurance. Furthermore, not everyone has access to a hospital or doctor’s office nearby. Not many individuals even have access to urgent care centers, which are typically less expensive than hospitals. People who live in cities often take for granted how simple it is to get medical treatment. However, many who live in rural areas are not unfamiliar with traveling more than an hour to see a doctor or for a test visit. It is simple to get at-home medical testing kits by visiting your neighborhood pharmacy.


Another factor contributing to the rising acceptance of at-home medical testing is convenience. Not everyone has the time to take an hour off work and drive to see a doctor, and then wait a long time for urine test for uti. Testing at home is more convenient. You may not always need to leave your home. Take the test at home after ordering it online and send the sample to be evaluated.


Many people find it awkward to talk to their doctor about certain testing. Medical testing for sexually transmitted infections (STDs) can now be performed at home. Laws protecting medical privacy must also be followed. However, this does not imply that everyone feels at ease going to the doctor to get tested for STDs. Online STD testing is offered in several forms. HIV testing at home is part of this.

Less expensive

A doctor’s visit is frequently more expensive than at-home medical testing. If the results of home testing kits are good, you can receive a prescription by calling your doctor and reporting the results. For many, this is more affordable. And if a doctor orders it, insurance might even pay for it.

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